Primal Instinct pheromone additive for Women

Primal Instinct has always had a reputation of a special product which collects all the power and potency of some of the most effective pheromones. In many places you can find information about it, which is characterized as the “most powerful” known pheromone product on the market.

That feature is fully protected as we have in mind the ultimate efficiency of the pheromones used for its production and their very high concentration. Primal Instinct is the flagship product of the – old generation attractants, as it is holding steady in the top spots in sales and effect, thanks to the pheromones it contains.

Primal instinct for women concentrated in itself the best you can expect when you bring together the power of the pheromones Androstenol and Copulin. A powerful impact affects every man who gets trapped in it.

The Androstenone is a sex hormone that melts the ice especially in the process of create a new bond, creating a friendly impression with more empathy and romantic feelings and contributes to strengthening the friendly attitude of the men. It impacts and demonstrate a strong social relaxing effect, reduces inhibitions, creates conditions for easier accessibility to the man, and increases your sexual attractiveness.

Once you are allowed into his personal space, it is time to enter the “cavalry” – the Copulin. The pheromone, secreted into the vagina with natural lubricants when there is readiness for sex, always has a key role in the overall power of the total pheromone aura.