FAQs About Pheromones

  • What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical aroma signals that all humans and mammals emit. Subconsciously sensed they reveal information about your immune system, your fertility, your present state of sexual interest and so on. Some of these pheromones target the opposite sex, and naturally trigger excitement, sympathy and willingness for sex. With the right chemical-hormonal signals, a woman automatically and instinctively will respond – without even realizing what attracts her to you!

  • How do we detect pheromones?

Pheromone signals are recognized by a body organ that is 3 inches inside the nose, called the vomeronasal organ (VNO). When the VNO detects the pheromone, it sends a signal to the brain. So while the sense of smell is usually discussed in studies related to the attraction which the pheromones trigger, this is a chemical reaction that happens, not just recognition of smell. In other words, a women or a man will responds to your chemistry on a subconscious level, with feelings of excitement, attraction and interest.

  • How come I have not heard about this fascinating sense organ and human pheromones?

The reason is that this is a discovery made recently! Although you may not have heard of pheromones and the sixth sense, you will soon hear.

  • Do we give off pheromones naturally?

That is right! We are communicating chemically all the time. These pheromones are the basis on which the most pheromone perfumes are made of.

  • Is there evidence to proof that pheromones really have an effect on people?

Yes, there is such evidence to the vast amount of tests performed on both sexes, and numerous scientific papers and experiments.

  • Are pheromones derived from human beings?

No. Pheromones are created in laboratories after tests and formulations.

  • Do pheromones work equally for men and women?

Yes, pheromones work equally for men and women.

  • Can I use pheromones perfume which I prefer and like?

Of course you do. But in this case it is – better to order a unscented pheromone perfume.

  • Is the use of pheromone perfume leads to a reduction in our own pheromones?

There is no data on the processes that control the release of our own pheromones (ie whether, when there are many pheromones on your skin , your body ceases production). However, it was found that the perception of sex pheromones in turn leads to more – a strong release of sexual pheromones, for example towards the person you want to attract. However, there is also a possibility of increasing the sexual pheromones in the blood, which will lead to increased the amounts of the pheromones in the skin.

  • Building up pheromones. Is it a problem and how can I prevent it?

The accumulation is a large amount of absorption of the pheromone trough the skin, leading to a negative impact on your reactions.

Here are some examples of building up:

  1. Initially you had a good, consistent response, but after a while you have established a significant decline.
  2. You have used a large amount of the pheromones with minimal results, but in the days after stop using it, you establish a much better response.
  3. You use products with androstenone every day and you find that the effect become inconsistent.
  4. At the end of the day you do not wash the places on your body where you apply the pheromones.

To prevent possible building up:

  1. Rub the places where you apply the product (do not go into extremes, just use exfoliating product or sponge).
  2. Take breaks when using high doses of pheromones, so you can avoid daily use of large quantities.
  3. Stop using high doses every day and possibly limit the doses accordingly for “special” cases.

First of all read the instructions. Look at the instructions for use of the product and you can find many useful information (dosage, recommendations for combination use, etc.). Furthermore, if the product is scented You need to put small amount on your wrist and smell it approximately every 10 minutes. If it is not perfumed it may also be useful for the following two reasons:

  1. You’ll find out if you can smell the pheromones (it is important because certainly do not want to turn into walking stinky bomb without knowing).
  2. You will know if your perfume neutralize the smell of pheromones well, then you can start using the product. If you have read enough information, you should be aware of the dosage.

It is extremely important when experiment with the product to be consistent and persistent, and try it in different circumstances. Surely we should not put the product to sit and wait for someone to catch a bait. 9 out of 10 hits do not happen that way, so your chances of a beginner who first tried the product, are not very large.

Try to walk and establish eye contact. Talk to people to see if you notice any change.  Do not be discouraged if you notice nothing, the explanation may be quite simple, such as failure to notice shown interest to you.

  • Do pheromones have affect long after the initial contact and conversation?

Yes. If you make an impression on someone, your contact (communication) will be improved depending on the person or the situation. This means that you really made a good impression for next time. Likelihood you are remember and the other person wants to talk to you is greater if you meet again.

Do pheromones really work?



Facts about pheromones

Almost every man and woman has heard of these substances that have a great love power. But, in fact, the knowledge of pheromones for many is generally limited here.

Perhaps the most famous is the androstenone pheromone, secreted not only by the glands of some animals, but also from those of men. Men and every third woman can not differ its smell. What information it carry still remains a mystery.

It has been found that pheromones are not only a source of sexual message. Using them the animals are changing the borders of their territory, report imminent danger, collect the herd and also regulate the parental relationships.

For over 30 years the experts deal with the study of pheromones, but still there are more questions than answers. It has been proven that we do not feel attracted to someone whose smell we do not like. Researchers explain – the most attractive partner for our criteria should smell nice, ie have a “unique” smell for us.

However, if you like someone’s smell, it just means that he / she fits you biological, but not that you have compatibility in terms of temperament, personality, intelligence, etc.

Pheromones are capable of improving women’s mood. As a result, the level of certain hormones in the blood is changing, especially those involved in regulating the menstrual cycle and reproductive function.

Pheromones smell specifically because they do not consist of one substance but are a complex set of at least several. Most scents we detect with the help of smelling, while others do not, as they are processed by the limbic system of the brain responsible for what we call intuition.