Structure of the Estratetraenol pheromoneThe Estratetraenol is estrogen from the group of steroid chemical compounds produced in the female body and is a pheromone, actively affecting animals and humans. It is a derivative of the sex hormone Estradiol. It fully embodies the female version of Androstadienone, but unlike it, the quantitative presence in the female body is very small. Men react to it very strongly, provoking in them a sense of caring, and provides maximum comfort similar to the impact of Androstadienone on women. It has a very stimulating effect on the VNO of men and is characterized by its capacity to stimulate strongly increase their mood. Men who have perceived it become the center of attention of the company, resulting in highly uplifting mood. Its impact is so strong that men affected by it very quickly affect others around them with unusually high positive emotional behavior. And if we add to all this the same levels of the male pheromone Androstadienone, but for women in the company – then everything is possible.

How Estratetraenol Works?

The Estratetraenol creates an aura of ultra-femininity, seriously increasing its sexual and attractive force. It raises and promotes mens feelings like nobility, courtesy, friendliness, politeness, delicacy, greater sophistication of gentlemanly manners, gentleness, reconcilability and consideration the opinion and desires of women. It has calming effect on both sexes and tends to make people more kind and friendly towards each other and. Fills them with the desire of mutual friendship. It positively influence the behavior of a restrained, reserved, haughty, cold and uninviting women, relaxing them, they lose their coolness and apparently makes them more friendly and easily adaptable to the company and others.

Besides that it positively affects the mood it also encourages others to think more often about the woman who uses them. Men starts to feel relaxed and calm, and the cravings and the desire to protect and embrace her raises.

Estratetraenol during pregnancy  and postpartum period

For women there is a significantly increased levels of natural production during their pregnancy and postpartum period. That’s when they most need all those listed above feelings that arise in men. Similarly high levels always occur during the period of ovulation, which is a natural characteristic chemo-sexual impact of women on male’s VNO. Its action as an estrogen – to inflict sex drive begins to observe for women in their late teens through the so-called. period – estrous cycle and continued declining until the end of their lives.