In 1970 the Copulins Come patented as products which release human pheromones, based on research on monkeys. the Copulins are created differently from “hormonal” pheromones. They are secreted into the vagina with natural lubricants in readiness for sex, representing the volatile fatty acids. The less attractive a woman is, the more she receives from the additional information encoded in her natural scent that a man inhales. The smell of Copulins make external attractiveness less important for men. The situation is similar to the assessment of dominance and willingness of men to meet a woman and pay her drink Nevertheless the male physiological changes with the ovulatory smell and men become more attentive. The increased testosterone levels appears to exacerbate the selective attention for erotic stimuli. You should know that Copulins do not smell nice, but the assessment of attractiveness is higher with them than without them. The change in behavior may be caused by abnormal levels of testosterone.

Fatty acid changes in the vaginal secretions during the female menstrual cycle have been found in 1970, the idea was to test whether men are able to sense the period of maximum fertility and whether it leads them to change their behavior and physiological condition.