Androsterone and its use in pheromone perfumes

Androsterone is one of the oldest known hormones on the market and many companies use it in pheromone perfumes to enhance the characteristics of the Androstenone and to reinforce the sense of trust with potential partners.  It is known as the icebreaker pheromone, because of its qualities to helps the shy and timid people in all their endeavor, to embraces their social life and contacts with unsurpassed comfort, openness and accessibility.

How is Androsterone produced?

It represents a steroid hormone produced in the liver by the testosterone’s metabolism. It was first isolated in 1931 by Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt and Kurt Tscherning after the distillation of more than 17,000 liters of male urine, from which they managed to gain only 50 mg. crystals, but enough to build its chemical formula. Currently, its use in various products with pheromones is a very common and is usually used as a supplement for further improvement of the formulas that contain more type of pheromones in itself.

Both sexes can use it with great success, but women have to be careful not to overdose just to avoid the effect – “to smell like a men”. However, this effect is much less dramatic than with Androstenone. The Androsterone pheromone has slightly weak characteristic odor of a human body when overdosed compared to Androstenone, and therefore it enjoys greater continuity among customers.

It mostly has excellent self-assertion at parties with lots of strangers, in front of juries, exam and conference committees, delegations and first dates.

Androsterone is also known for its distinctive and typical impact as a signal of masculinity. Gives the impression of security and protection (ie “this is the man who will take care of me”).