Androstenone – human pheromone causing sexual arousal in women

The Androstenone pheromone has been first identified in mammals, but is also secreted by humans. It can be found in both men and women, but is known to be predominant male pheromone. Usually it creates a dominant, aggressive aura. Therefore it designs an aggressive alpha-impression that can help you become the center of attention and have more fun.

Since alpha aggressiveness is often associated with sex and a good choice of partner, the sex pheromone creates vibration and increases sexual tension. This human pheromone makes people around others that wear it to relate with great respect and courtesy. It enhances the signals of dominance and aggression related to sexual response. It causes sexual arousal in women. However it should be noted that young women have a much higher susceptibility to it than the older.

How the Androstenone pheromone works?

The predominan male pheromone has a tendency to produce arousal in women during their ovulation, as quite often it is one of the root causes triggering nervousness, irritability and aggression in both sexes. This pheromone must be carefully selected according to the locations and purposes of its application as it has powerful sexual characteristics and should be used only in situations where sexual panache and demonstrations are acceptable.

Its natural production levels in the body and their effectiveness on others are not only different, but strictly individual for each person. People with blood group O tend to produce and maintain very high levels of the Androstenone pheromone in comparison with those of A or B. These values ​​are affected also by the age – younger you are the more you will produce and the physical body form – the healthier you are – higher production you have.

Note: Androstenone can lead to aggression in some men, however, this feature is blunted. It can make women to engage in sexually liberated communication. It be detected in larger amounts in the male sweat and in smaller – in the female.