Androstenol-formulaThe alpha-isomer of Androstenol, creates a friendly, accessible impression. It seems more talkative pheromone by touching more to empathy and romantic feelings. The chemical compound also creates an aura of youth and reproductive readiness which is attractive to any woman in such need. The initial reaction contributes to talkative and friendly attitude of the opposite sex and it increases the sexual attractiveness.

The Androstenol pheromone melts the ice, especially in the process of creating a new connection. It is a sex hormone that has a musky smell. It is found in large quantities in the saliva of wild boars and in small quantities in human sweat glands. The Androstenol is secreted by the adrenal gland in the circulation system in humans. It signals youth and readiness for contact, talkativeness, friendship and peace.

Since it causes conversation, it can break the initial coldness. It is a social pheromone which emits strong social-relaxing effect and reduces inhibitions. In fact, it is not found in people before entering puberty, and it reaches the peak of production around the 20th year of age. After this period, its amount and force of impact, fell sharply. When combined with certain pheromones unlocks sexual arousal.

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