Its chemical ingredients categorize it as pheromone with very strong impact on people, and having a specific effect mainly on the brain activity of women.

Androstadienon-off is a molecule derived from tostesteron present in the sweat of men, and in much higher values increases cortisol levels in women. Lab research and its practical application undoubtedly proven its ability to be a powerful influence on certain aspects of their mood – remove their psychological inhibitions greatly increases their sense of attachment and creates an irresistible desire for erotic passions. Women subjected to its impact very quickly fall into a “revival, detente and exhilaration” of the brain center in charge for the assessment of sexual needs, and generally on libido and sexual-positive mood. But the effectiveness depends mainly on the period of the menstrual cycle of women. Those who are in the pre-ovulatory period will be much more strongly influenced to the other, this by no means does not diminish the impact on the latter. The reason lies in the fact that during the fertile period nature has made them much more sensitive to the effects of this pheromone, so they are more susceptible to its effects.

Human pheromones model the psychological condition in people absolutely unconscious with no apparent perception of any odors. This scientifically proven effect is successfully modeled by its influence on the brain centers regulating and responsible for the emotional and sexual attraction.

Through their research, scientists have found that women have a significantly higher sensitivity to biological odors than men, and this is indicative of a different impact of Androstadienon on equality, which in women is detectable at lower concentrations of 11.4 mM, while in males, they are from 19.5 mM to above.

These results clearly show that women tend to be more sensitive to it than men. Its impact powerfully affects on the correct assessment of the “male attractiveness” and very strong influence on their choice of a man, vote of confidence in him and granting consent in a marriage proposal.

In addition, it can be said that Androstadienon unleashes in them hormonal response, while adjusting their responsiveness to courtship and declared sexual activity.

In its concentrated form it has a strong sweet smell and is used primarily in the pheromone products for men to enhance sexual attraction.