Simple steps to entice women

If you have difficulties to entice women, we hope that these simple steps will help you. We will wait your feedback.

Smile – this is your icebreaker

When you see or talk to a woman, try to smile more, but not with a smile that says “I am a psychopath.” The aim is to remove the cold expression that would make the woman think that you are angry. The easy-going smile will show her that you think she is cute.

Always be ready

Be well stocked with things that a woman always needs (tissues, chewing gum, etc.) so that at the exact moment you left a very good impression in the object of your desires.

The humor is your secret weapon

It is believed that humor is one of the most advanced stages of intelligence. If you can get the caller to relax and have sincerely fun to your jokes, then you already have a point in plus.

Make her trust you

Never, under any circumstances do not lose the trust of a woman. This is the strongest trump card you have. If you have not yet succeeded with this, then accept the situation as a game of poker – study the situation and take chances.

The right time for a kiss

When you already passed the above steps, then it comes the moment to start dating little by little. In order to make your first date memorable discover the secret recipe for your great first date with 5 tips. Keep a sense of the right time for the first kiss. We know that you are eager to do it, but let the woman decide – she always knows when is the right time, so she can be unforgettable.

Sex or friendship

Note that if you do not have a bond, a sexual act can completely destroy your friendship. Think about it before you take any action.

Be a listener

As they say, people have two ears and one mouth to listen more than talk. Women often need to share, but do not like to be criticized. For them, if you do not have the same point of view it is better to remain silent and just listen than to argue with her.

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