Pheromax for Men Review


  • Unscented product with 98% pheromone purity;
  • Quantity: 14 ml. in a spray bottle, a unique cylindrical aluminum body (approx. 280 sprays);
  • Containing following pheromones: Androstadienone (2 mg), Androstenone (1,2mg) , Androstenol (1,8 mg);
  • Total amount of pheromones in the product: 5 mg.;
  • Average amount of pheromones in the product: 0.36 mg/ml;

How Pheromax for Men works?

Pheromax will boost you success with panache and confidence. It will underline your identity and delight, will capture and charm all the women around you – the possibilities are endless with this product. Congratulations to those who will become owners of this TOP product on the market – the king of pheromones, the blade of your success with women, one original and recently completely renovated formula.

Pheromax is unscented product, convenient and practical, manufactured in a unique tubular aluminum atomizer that you can open and scent with your favorite perfume or use it every time as a mixer for other pheromone products.

It will very clearly and categorically demonstrate itself as a product that incredibly quickly and strongly rises the levels of real sexual vibrations in each woman after being “touched” by its powerful striking force. At the beginning of the impact women are involved in an atmosphere of rapidly grooming, talkativeness and clearly consent to cohesion, which soon passes into a state of erotic irresistibility, filling it with untamed chills and demonstrative sexual lust.

The total superiority of this pheromone cocktail for unprecedented male irresistibility  is mainly due to extremely accurate, and a special selection of the types and quantities of pheromones in it, as well as aggressively high concentration.

Its actual effectiveness and impact are clearly proven in an experiment conducted by an independent team of journalists on German TV PRO7. The participants were randomly selected. The broadcasting of the experiment aroused interest not only in Pheromax, but in other pheromone products as well.

How to use Pheromax for men?

You can spray it 1 or 2 times on your skin around the neck or wrist, after pretreatment of the same areas with your favorite perfume or mixing it with 20 to 25 ml., but no more. The product has a duration of 5-6 hours. Applied to clothing has less momentary impact, but its quality may persist for several days. Pheromax should not be overdosed!

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