NPA – New Pheromone Additive for men

The new fully renovated and long expected perfume supplement has been produced and it is a pleasure to present to your attention here.

This product, which has the same mixture as the spray is available from the manufacturer in two special scientifically developed formulas – for men and women and is designed to be used as an additive to your favorite cologne, perfume or aftershave. This is a strong unscented concentrate, produced and bottled for convenience in a unique bottle with dropper.

The producers have spent two years in the design and synthesis of this highly purified and potent pheromon cocktail through its own high end technology system are able to modify and improve its constituents in a way that makes it unique love potion. Both new formulations (for men and women) have 5 to 20 times more powerful concentrations affecting much more quickly and efficiently on the VNO compared to similar pheromone additives for perfumes.

This fast-acting on either sex attractants becomes extremely powerful and amazing pheromone weapon, but only after proper mixing and use.

Directions for mixing the NPA:

Each bottle of 10 ml. contains between 80 and 90 drops, 8-9 drops are equal to one milliliter.
While you can mix the entire content of 10 ml. with perfume of a 30 ml. , the observations shows that you can mix it with up to 20 ml. for quicker and sure achieve of the desired effect.

Quantities of 25 ml. and up will severely dilute the residual concentration of the new mixture to levels almost undetectable by the human VNO, and they can no longer play the role of real and active sex attractants. If you want to turn more of your favorite perfume in a powerful and sexual and love potion, which can iprove your current performance records, then add an additional amount using the dropper or the whole bottle of NPA.

Guidelines for use:

Thea ready and prepared by you mix is applied by 3 to 5 sprays (depending on the strength of the effect you want), but no more on the right spots or by rubbing a finger directly at 1 to 2 drops of the concentrate, but after adequate pre-treatment of the area of with your perfume because of the concentration and characteristic odor.



NEXUS Pheromones For Men Review (video)

NEXUS Pheromones for men delivers the essential volatile chemo-hormonal elements that allows exceptional finesse, subtlety and refinement, and furthermore unmistakably, to strengthen and repeatedly emit your masculinity and strength. They will grab the attention of women very easily and whenever you approach them you will go “under the radar” for their protection without any fuss and effort.

This arousing interest revolutionary formula is the result of several years of research, development and lab experiments and in fact the latest achievements in the field of sexual attraction and nonverbal communications. All these scientific facts would not have any value to anyone until you yourself do not hold in your own hands this precious formula, always giving you much more power, authority and prestige in your control over women.

Do Nexus Pheromones for men work?

Okay, let’s just assume for a moment. Suppose that you can feel more power and control over all women! Suppose that you can seduce any wanted woman whenever and wherever you want, as many times as you want. Now “you can do it” – with NEXUS Pheromones everything happens instantly, instinctively, naturally and of course, without its knowledge, except that she knows she wants to have you at all costs.

Nexus Pheromones Guidelines

This is an extremely concentrated and powerful pheromone perfume! Use 2 to 3 sprays on the skin around the neck or wrist. Commonly the effect duration is 8-10 hours, but our recommendation for optimal efficiency is 6-8 hours, and if applied on clothes its quality may continue for several days. Do not overdose!

  • Quantity: 30ml. bottle – spray
  • Types of pheromones in the product: Androstenone, Alpha – Androstenol, Androsterone, Beta – Androstenol
  • Total amount of pheromones in the product – 20 mg.
  • Average amount of pheromone in the product: 0.67 mg / ml.

Note: Be prepared! The effect of Nexus Pheromones For Men To Attract Women begins immediately – as your previous successes among women, and their trust in you will repeatedly increase and surpass even your wildest ambitions. Your confidence and courage will be fully justified by the attention you spend on this high-end chemistry to attract the opposite sex.

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