Icebreaker is pheromone perfume, a high quality product, containing a unique formula of second generation with 8 kinds of the most powerful and potent human pheromones.

What are you going to say when you get up close to the women you desire and she literally jumps on you neck. Then imperceptibly fast to feel completely relaxed and calm in your company immersed in irresistible aroma of your aura of glamor, erotic attraction and full confidence, of course, with absolutely inexplicable reasons for her.

What would you say if all this happens before the astonished eyes of your friends and acquaintances and they have nothing else to do but look with envy and amazement while formally express their admiration for your quick strike.

The answer to this is here. Find out how Icebreaker can help you increase your “luck” with women, how with the latest technologies in the pheromone industry you get the opportunity to completely improve your sex life for a short time.

The formula of Icebreaker is a combination of eight social and sexual pheromone, including Oxitocin Analog, which in this pheromone perfume has a strong prolonged action. Here are the other pheromones this product contains:

  • Androstenone – softens and improves the perception of male dominance. Gives rise to sexual arousal in women. Can provoke aggression in some surrounding men, but its capacity is very blunt here.
  • Androstanone – mitigates the potentially strong impact of androstene and powerfully reinforces social effects. Predisposes women to sexually liberated communications.
  • Androsterone – enhances the characteristics of Androstenone. Contributes to increase the sense of trust, giving rise to potential partners. Missing aggressive dominant profile for supremacy characteristic of Androstenone.
  • Androstenol (α & β) – Social pheromone which cause strong calming social impact and decreasing inhibitions. When it is determined in combination with pheromone, it generates sexual stimulus.
  • Dehydroisoandrosterone – androgenic pheromone that has little independent effect. Its presence in the company of certain pheromones helps to further emphasize the nature of each of them. Serves as a fixative to mitigate their characteristic odor and helps their the slow and continuous release into the air.
  • Epoxyestratrienol – brand new and patented pheromone. Its structure is based on a modified chemical compound – 16, 17 epoxies – estratrien, which was specially designed and used for the relief of increased female sensitivity and irritability during ovulation. Demonstrates strong feromonalen effect.
  • Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone – brand new and patented pheromone. Modified corticosteroid devoid of organic cortical steroidal endocrinology and effect. Demonstrates extremely powerful pheromone force and effect. Exerted a strong influence on all pheromones, prolonging the effect of their action to several hours.
  • Oxytocin Analog – a modified peptide based on Oxytocin . Demonstrate approximately 60, 000% greater effect than oxytocin causing strong feelings of trust and deep bound. Both compounds have the heavy molecules. Therefore – minimum amounts of oxytocin vapor have a negligible effect. Using a far more powerful counterpart, the minimum vapor in the air cause significant result.
  • Quantity: 30 ml. in a bottle with an atomizer
  • Types of pheromones in the product: Androstenone, Androsterone, Androstenol (α & β), Oxytocin Analog,
  • Epoxyestratrienol, Dehydroisoandrosterone, Tetrahdrodeoortiosterone
  • Total amount of pheromones in the product: 15 mg.
  • Average amount of pheromones in the product: 0.5 mg / ml

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