How to win a woman and make her love you (a lot!)

Men’s magazines continuously publish articles on what attracts women and what they are looking for. There are many recommendations ranging from Armani suit and an expensive perfume, to ignore her and talk to her friends and to put your picture on the Internet with two beauties from each side. But do you think that this will win the love of the true, confident, capable of love, hot woman?

You can wear whatever you want, because the basic idea here is that women are attracted to men who make them feel feminine and attractive. Yes, there are women who wants to be dominated, made to comply with submission, to be abused, to make them feel a lot less than what they really are, even to be beaten, because in this way they feel “feminine”. Fortunately, this type of women are a minority.

But what makes the majority of the ladies feel like real women? How an average man can wake up femininity in women, so she can feel a strong attraction to him, and why not even love?

Make her feel totally free to be a woman

Most modern women can perform almost any activity which men can. But the truth is that this woman’s identity is threatened. All that is fashionable lately makes women feel less feminine and more masculine (suggested to them that, to be successful, they need to be invincible, bloodthirsty aggressive and to dispose in any situation). That is why today’s woman longs to come home (to her husband) and to feel soft, vulnerable and with an open heart.

Make her feel beautiful (seductive or sexy or whatever she wants to be)

Make sure that she feels funny, smart and pleasant to the eye. This means to evaluate her physical, mental and spiritual qualities. This does not mean to impose your views of the female beauty on her body, feelings and thinking.

Make her stand out

Every woman wants to feel “special” – one in a million. The tactics to ignore her sometimes works in favor of the man as the invisibility strongly frightenes women. If she is unsure of herrself, she may begin to feel attracted to you – you pull the trigger of inferiority, which she wants to hide. The nightmare of this whole approach is that the same “uncertainty” will accompany your bond in the future. What will happen is that you will not feel very nice to be around the woman in question in the long term.

Make her feel safe and secure

She wants to feel in safe hands – physically, financially and emotionally safe. Women love men who can stand boldly and assume leadership in various situations.

Make her feel appreciated and supported

This does not mean to avoid conflicts with her, obey every wish she has and let her trample you. Most women find it offensive when men treat them like little spoiled girls. If you behave like an a person with a low self-esteem, that makes you a little man in her eyes – and therefore she will relates to you that way. Rather, it’s about how you treat her and if it makes her feel good about the choices you made in her life (including that she has chosen you among all other men).

Make her feel alive

She does not want you to comment about anything in her life. What she wants is to make her laugh, to cry with joy, to run and jump like a little girl. She wants to think that she is the woman with the funniest man in the world. There is nothing more attractive, sexier and more irresistible than that!

Make her feel wanted and loved

Pay attention to the way you show her how much she means to you. May it can be in words, but the most important are the actions – tales do not cost much, you must take concrete actions.
It is not easy.

There is no doubt that she wants many, but consider what you get in return! Moreover, if giving to women has become a natural and joyful for you, it is not difficult to make a girl feel a real woman.

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