Do pheromones really work?

Facts about pheromones

Almost every man and woman has heard of these substances that have a great love power. But, in fact, the knowledge of pheromones for many is generally limited here.

Perhaps the most famous is the androstenone pheromone, secreted not only by the glands of some animals, but also from those of men. Men and every third woman can not differ its smell. What information it carry still remains a mystery.

It has been found that pheromones are not only a source of sexual message. Using them the animals are changing the borders of their territory, report imminent danger, collect the herd and also regulate the parental relationships.

For over 30 years the experts deal with the study of pheromones, but still there are more questions than answers. It has been proven that we do not feel attracted to someone whose smell we do not like. Researchers explain – the most attractive partner for our criteria should smell nice, ie have a “unique” smell for us.

However, if you like someone’s smell, it just means that he / she fits you biological, but not that you have compatibility in terms of temperament, personality, intelligence, etc.

Pheromones are capable of improving women’s mood. As a result, the level of certain hormones in the blood is changing, especially those involved in regulating the menstrual cycle and reproductive function.

Pheromones smell specifically because they do not consist of one substance but are a complex set of at least several. Most scents we detect with the help of smelling, while others do not, as they are processed by the limbic system of the brain responsible for what we call intuition.

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