Chikara Unscented for men

Produced in Australia, Chikara is literally a work of art in the field of pheromones. It boasts a new patented formula with 7 types of pheromones – three major players and additional of 4 new ones that have never been used in other products.

Manufacturers have managed to convey an incredibly fantastic aroma of natural pheromones in it, which reinforces a specific impact. Chikara symbolizes not just the next step in pheromone technology, it takes a whole new level. Try it and you will understand what exactly we mean. Discover the mysterious force of The Magnificent Seven. Discover Chikara!

In fact, why is Chikara so good? If you want to arise or increase real qualities of sexual attraction, erotic enviable broadcast, non-resistance and lasciviousness or perhaps all togetherthen Chikara will do it all alone in 98% of cases in a short time and with no obligation. To our knowledge to date, this is the main real reason for the extremely high ratings, popularity and huge volume sales of Chikara.

In short, Chikara was named one of the main players in the market with a dominant performance to its unique patented formula of 7 types of pheromone collected and concentrated in itself the success and strength of all its elements.

It Demonstrate successful unique compatibility with NPA for men. Very strong and concentrated product with incredibly fantastic aroma of natural pheromones in it.

Warning: This is extremely concentrated and powerful product! Use 2 to 3 sprays on the skin around the neck or wrist after pretreatment of the same areas with your favorite flavor. It has a duration of action 5-6 hours. Applied to clothing is less momentary impact, but its quality may persist for several days. Do not overdose!

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