Alpha-7 Pheromone For Men Review

Alpha-7 is a pheromone oil-based concentrate for men mand has always been accepted as one of the true leaders in the pheromone industry, known as a very powerful sexual attractants and social lubricator! Its formula, synthesis and combination, wraps you in the aura of “a solid self-confident man, radiating elegance and aristocracy of high society,” with a strong sexual attraction at the same time. The effectiveness of its qualities is excellent, fast and hard-hitting women, imperceptibly manages to involve them in an absolutely irresistible desire to flirt.

Alpha-7 is a product mainly contains Androstenone, which is not at all negligible. The Younger women, those up to 25 years, fallen into the “trap” of this powerful pheromone will start intimate with you and the others around 30 and up will be more responsive, immediately impressed and it will not take so long before they get attached to you.

If you already recognized yourself in these characteristics of the Alpha-7 and continue to realize and enjoy the effects of Androstenone on young women, it will be great if you turn yourself into a kind of catalyst that will significantly accelerate the whole process. You are not required to do anything other than to provoke the very beginning a chat with the lady, which will help a lot to melt the initial ice and then expect things to work out in the desired direction.

As a small example of the unexpected success that you might have after the well done job, is like the biggest jerk of the class, nobody knows how, but manages to leave with the queen of the prom at the end of the night. The comparison in no way refers to you, of course, it simply indicate that Alpha-7 pheromone oil can make even the impossible for you. Women will be so obsessed with the impact, that they will accept your presence and proximity and the fact that you talk to them as a matter of honor. Your aura of influence will be able to convey their assessment of you as a person with greater value, class, highly respectable, who can be trusted and is both maddeningly sexy.

Both men and women will tend to watch the man that uses Alpha-7 with great enthusiasm, respect and admiration even from everywhere it seems he is out of the game. In fact, they will subconsciously perceive it and refer to it as man, leader of their team. Women will think – “This is a real man” and men without envy would share – “He is very cool guy”. Despite of his good treatment of women, he obviously would not appreciate their increased attention nor their shameless and impudent approaches and manners of flirting, having sometimes extremely intrusive and pushy way. And here Alpha-7 intervenes very cleverly subtle and elusive in the game.

Directions for mixing the Alpha-7 pheromone

Each bottle of 10 ml. contains between 80 and 90 drops, 8-9 drops are equal to one milliliter. Strong concentration allows the addition and dilution of perfumes from 20 to 25 ml., but not more. If you want to turn more of your favorite perfume in a powerful love and sex potion, then add an additional amount of the Aplha-7 pheromone. The optimal concentration of Androstenone impact on middle age women is 0.20ml, ie 2 drops or sprays.

  • Unscented product
  • Quantity: 10ml. bottle with built-in dropper
  • Types of pheromones in the product: Androstenone – 6 mg. , Androsterone – 1 mg.
  • Total amount of pheromone in the product: 7 mg.
  • Average amount of pheromone in the product: 0.7 mg per ml.

The end result – you get a Alpha-7 pheromone oil for men, which always smells of your favorite flavors, as they stand behind the powerful ingredients.

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