What are Pheromones?

The secret magic of pheromones or the so called hormones of love was known in antiquity. Although officially discovered by scientists only in the 20th century, the their effect was known by magicians back in the 9th century. To enchant the man toward the woman (or vice versa), they gave the “victim” to smell the underwear of the “customer”. Thus maximum human pheromones reached to the “victim”.

How pheromone perfume work

They are small organic molecules which act as a chemical bond between the two people. Released from glands that are found in the genital area. By entering the air they are sensed by the organs of smell. Every person has a special body  in the nose that can perceive them. It is called vomeronasal organ – VNO. When the vomeronasal organ senses pheromones it sends a signal to the brain and thus control our behavior. Interestingly, VNO perceives only sexual flavors and helps people to choose the right partner. It is a “sixth sense”, although only at a genetic level.

How are pheromones produced and how they work?

Men release pheromones through sweat. The mystical, sexual substance called Androsterone is contained in the men’s skin and hair and sends unconsciously perceived sexual call to women. In stressful situations, the disposal of pheromones in men is enhanced, which in turn, makes women do not know why they prefer one man over another. Another one is the Androstenone. It is is produced by the adrenal glands, and this means that the women also have it. Another one – the  Copulins is mainly presented in the vaginal fluid. The greatest amount of it are released during ovulation, when women have the better chance of becoming pregnant. Men in turn, are excited not that much of the attractive shapes of the female, but of the state in which their organism is. We already know that pheromones play an important role in love and sex life and it is designed by nature.

Now we all know that pheromones are chemical substances naturally produced by the human body that create powerful sexual responses and act attractive to the opposite sex. The word “pheromone” comes from Greek and means “bearer of excitement.” Their smell is almost imperceptible and very sophisticated. External factors that affect health are reflected very negatively on their production, respectively – reduce the chances of sexual attraction of the opposite sex….

Do Pheromones Really Work?

Today’s busy life, stress, fatigue and other similar circumstances provoked the scientists to work in the field of artificial creation of these substances. This led to the creation of synthetic human pheromones and the manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics, include them in their products. They are an absolute analogue of the natural substances. They improve the natural condition of the body, create positive emotions and take the stress.

Positive Feedback and using pheromones as a fashion accessory

The positive feedback on pheromone perfumes is large. When properly selected they are not only a fashion accessory but also a finishing touch of the body. Most have an effect of 6 to 8 hours, but it is important how they are used. Due to the high concentration some needs only one or two sprays in the neck, wrists and ears. Of course, there’s thesis that to have maximum effect, a person should wear clothes made ​​of natural materials like cotton. But we will leave the decision to you.

However, the pheromone perfume is quite enticing. The idea that you are using such and that it will make you more attractive and interesting will give you more confidence at home and at the workplace. We, offer you the chance to use these recommended products.

Pheromones for men we recommend you to use

Nexus Pheromones™ – 100% pure Androstenone!

Nexus pheromone perfume for men - 100% pure AndrostenoneThis is the product containing the highest concentrate of Androstenone. A pure human pheromone which is all over the scientific and medical journals because it is known to stimulate response in the opposite sex! The perfume also contains Alpha–Androstenol, Beta–Androstenol, Androsterone.

It’s designed for all you guys who want to:

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We offer you sexual chemistry in a bottle! It will make you irresistibly attractive to women.
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Other pheromone perfume products

Primal Instinct – powerful unscented male pheromones

Primal Instinct - unscented pheromones for men Primal Instinct has always had a reputation of a special product that has all the power and potency of some of the most powerful male pheromones. You can find information about it in many places. It is characterized as one of the most powerful known pheromone products on the market.

Alpha-7 – oil-based product with high concentration

Alpha-7 pheromones for menAlpha-7 is an oil-based product with high concentration, and has always been accepted as one of the true leaders in the pheromone industry, known as a very powerful sexual attractant and social lubricator!

Liquid Trust – a 100% Oxytocin. Create an atmosphere of trust

Liquid Trust - pheromone perfume with 100% OxytocinLiquid Trust is the first product in the world with Oxytocin and is specially designed to create an atmosphere of trust. Feel the mighty power of LIQUID TRUST and quickly build bonds and relationships that never before were possible!

Primal Instinct – powerful pheromone additive for women

Primal Instinct - pheromone additive for womenPrimal Instinct has always had a reputation of a special product which collects all the power and potency of some of the most effective pheromones.

The Scent of Eros (unscented) – melt the distance

The Scent of Eros - pheromones for wowmenCreated by James V. Kohl, well-known researcher and author of the most comprehensive textbook for pheromones with the same name – The Scent of Eros. This is not fragrant version of the best-selling formula of The Scent of Eros, adapted.

Icebreaker – 8 kinds of potent human pheromones

Icebreaker pheromone perfumeIcebreaker is pheromone perfume, a high quality product, containing a unique formula of second generation with 8 kinds of the most powerful and potent human pheromones. What are you going to say when you get up close to the women.

NPA – New Pheromone Additive for men

New Pheromone AdditiveThe new fully renovated and long expected perfume supplement has been produced and it is a pleasure to present to your attention here. This product, which has the same mixture as the spray is available from the manufacturer in two.

Chikara (unscented) – formula with 7 male pheromones

Chikara unscented pheromones for menProduced in Australia, Chikara is literally a work of art. It boasts a new patented formula with 7 types of pheromones – three major players and additional of 4 new ones that have never been.