New Pheromone Additive for men

New Pheromone Additive

This product, which has the same mixture as the spray is available from the manufacturer in two special scientifically developed formulas – for men and women and is designed to be used as an additive to your favorite cologne, perfume or aftershave. This is a strong unscented concentrate, produced and bottled for convenience in a unique bottle with dropper.
New Pheromone Additive for men

Primal Instinct – Unscented

Primal Instinct unscented pheromone
“Primal Instinct” has always had a reputation as a special product gathered in all the power and potency of some of the most effective known pheromones. In many places (stores and world press) you can find information about it, which characterizes it as “the most powerful” known pheromone product on the market. Primal Insctinct - Unscented

What are the pheromones?

What are pheromones? Pheromones are naturally produced by every living organism chemicals that affect the behavior and development of others of the same kind by sending subliminal olfactory signals of very powerful sexual responses and most – already functioning as an attractive means of the opposite sex. What are the pheromones?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pheromones? How do we detect pheromones? Do we give off pheromones naturally? and more frequently asked questions are answered here. Frequently asked question about the pheromones.

Alpha-7 – Unscented

Alpha-7 is a product – oil-based concentrate, and has always been accepted as one of the true leaders in the pheromone industry, known as a very powerful sexual attractants and social lubricator! Alpha-7 for men

Some Facts

Almost every men and women have heard of these substances that have a great love power. But, in fact, the knowledge of pheromones for many is generally limited here. Read more about the interesting facts.

How are pheromones produced?

How are pheromones produced? In humans, pheromones are secreted in the skin by apocrine glands (sometimes called the glands of human smell). They are similar to glands that secrete sweat salt, but in contrast, the apocrine glands secrete – fatty substance. How the pheromones are produced?

Chikara Unscented for men

Produced in Australia, Chikara is literally a work of art in the field of pheromones. It boasts a new patented formula with 7 types of pheromones – three major players and additional of 4 new ones that have never been used in other products.
Chikara unscented for men

A pheromone research

A pheromone research in USA Pheromones represent chemicals released into the organism of animals and humans, which perform the attraction of representatives of two opposite sex. Pheromones work on a subconscious level. They were removed from glands located in the armpit and the genital areas. What a research in the USA shows about pheromones.